Monday, March 30, 2009


Check out YDN comics all week! I planned something special for us and you.

So this is an old drawing plus a fashion study.

Easter Eggs: "Way" on coffee.

Fun Facts: I want to do incredibly violent things to people who smoke in front of me, but I can't deny it looks cool.

I don't always drink JE, but when I do, I prefer Dos Temptations.

I bumped into my dean while hurrying to eat at JE and split (I'm self-conscious like that) and he complimented me on my Temptations cover. I instinctively said, "Thank you," and started to scuttle away, but then stopped and was like, "Wait, what?" thinking, Did I draw a cover for Temptations...?!

He told me my sig's on the cover and thought I'd drawn it. I was completely weirded out, but noted they've "stolen" art before. Anyway, I found the issue, and man, that is funny!

Pretty clear who actually drew it, but just for fun, like last year's mystery Swing Space vomitist, here's why it's not me:

I HATE writing in caps and RARELY ever use THEM, especially WHEN drawing. I don't color (much). I don't draw such...creative t-shirts. The best part is the freakishly good signature: it's dated in ink as 3/24/09, a Tuesday, but I only ever ink ZLM then, and I always embed my signature when I ink comics. And what's with the R? I love the letter R and would never write it so not-cool.

Anyway, this was really fun. Good job, Temptations.

Fun Fact: My FroCo-reverence dwindles every year as I realize, Wow, these people are who freshmen are supposed to look up to? It really makes me wonder what my FroCos were like in other peoples' eyes.

I see like two, maybe three people I'd trust and one who'd make me want to transfer to freaking Morse or something. Haha.


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