Friday, May 15, 2009


This is my other piece for the semester's final issue of the Penny Dreadful, interiors for a story about a girl on a mysterious train.

Easter Eggs: The background is basically my other train piece from the previous issue.

Fun Facts: The scene depicted here, where she adjusts her collar, was actually cut from the final draft, I discovered!

Baa: I draw a lot of stuff with trains. It's partly coincidental, but also cuz I love trains; they're probably the most romantic form of transportation.

We couldn't get an artist for this story and it was literally the night before the magazine had to get to the printer's so I blasted this one out, and I guess all ended well.

So that should be it for all my published work for the year. I don't have a scanner here in California or even Internet for my laptop, so I've only got a few stored up scans in my email before we have to switch to photographs, unfortunately.


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