Monday, June 29, 2009


Because minstrelsy is cool, y'nawmean?

Zero Like Me #22: Git Dough
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 2, RADWIMPS logo in panel 3, Busta Rhymes and T-Pain's duds.

Fun Facts: Printed in Hot Blue. Set at SY CR. Rappers love to "git," count, and hustle money.

Baa: Busta Rhymes is one of the very few rappers I enjoy!

I've always wanted to test out tones for print, and thanks to YSS' Hot Blue, I can try something risky like these halftones, without having to experiment in front of all of Yale via the YDN or Herald.

So this makes Busta Rhymes the second rapper to inspire a comic.

Ok, that's it for ZLM for the summer. I've got some projects lined up though, so I believe I myself will indeed be gittin' money soon. The other day I even took a psych study that involved drawing! Shoulda seen the look on the lady's face when I busted out teh mad drawin' skillaz.

Also, this is post 300.

Keep hustlin',


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009


If Residential Colleges are like races, I'm kinda like Michael Jackson.

Zero Like Me #21: Sorry Saying
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3; "Card" in panel 4; also, haha.

Fun Facts: This was drawn for Yale Summer Session's Hot Blue; today's setting is Saybrook entryway P.

Baa: I myself am reading Ender's Game for my Writing Sci-Fi/Fantasy class.

So if you're new here (hi...): among other things, I do a series for the YDN called "Zero Like Me," which is about a guy depressed out of his skull, and his alien pal, who may very well be a figment of his imagination he created after a near-death experience. Enjoy.

For non-Yalies: JE's war cry is "JE Sux," Saybrook's is "Say what?! Saybrook!!"

Prolly going to rerun this for the artwork coming soon.


Friday, June 19, 2009


This is another graffiti, featuring Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender, drawn for a fellow Avatar fan.

In the unlikely event of wanting to see what it's like to draw this, here is the replay:

No one's going to force you to spay or neuter your pets, but someone should break down your door to make you get the graffiti app.

And with that, we've completed a full week of color! Something exciting for next week...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


25 year old writer Nick McDonell came to speak to us in LC today, so I sketched him in my Moleskine while he read some selections.

McDonell, Harvard '06, knew Mark Zuckerberg's roommate. He told a couple quick stories about the Facebook creator, one of which was pretty interesting: Zuckerberg didn't draw and didn't know any designers, so he didn't know what to do about a logo for the new social networking site he was working on.

His pal introduced him to somebody who could draw and the artist sketched up a quick 3/4 profile of Zuckerberg and was promised something like a little over 1% of whatever the site would make. The artist agreed and the logo was greenlit. For that quick sketch of a logo, that artist reaped many, many millions, which is still only a little over one percent.

I've got two words for that artist: Oink oink.

So that story got me all fired up because I'm working on a couple of things for a couple of people here at Yale, so even if I don't make millions, at least I might play a part in history.

Anyway, here's another Moleskine sketch, this one was from some Summer Session meeting I believe.


Monday, June 15, 2009


I went to this amusement slash water park, Lake Compounce yesterday. I wisely emptied my pockets into my backpack in anticipation of their contents getting soaked, so my Moleskines survived quite well. The reason I only wear cargo pants is because they're the best for carrying around Moleskines.

Anyway, I drew this guy while waiting for some of the group while they rode one of those freefall rides, like (NorCal's) Great America's "Drop Zone," except they call it "Down Time." I really don't like those kinds of rides, but I eventually gave it a shot and it wasn't something I want to do again (despite riding it and a similar ride twice).

My favorite ride was a wooden coaster called "Boulder Dash." It was like Great America's "Grizzly" except it weaved around a forest-y setting and seemed longer. It was pretty nice, and I even posed for the little photo thing, which got some nice laughs (V's up).

Anyway, after class today, I decided to give coloring a shot after finding my way to the Saybrook computer lab, in preparation for a piece I'm going to work on for some dudes.

Also, I don't know why I decided to draw a guy in a suit yelling, "Taxi," but it is what it is.


Friday, June 12, 2009


This is a graffiti inspired by the song, "Doctor Doctor," by The Sandy Gill Affair. They took the song down, but it was pretty great, just check out that lyric floating up top.

This is the replayable version, showing the step by step process behind it all:

I hope to do more graffiti soon, hopefully more people get the graffiti app.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I never got around to posting this old illustration for the Penny Dreadful.

The story was from way back in Volume II, Issue 2.

This is my least favorite Dreadful piece, another rushed job, but it shows how much I'm trying to mimic Eric Canete, especially since I'm still pretty new at inking and he just rocks the inks.

Whenever I've got a Dreadful to do, I always think, how would Canete do it? He's got some insane stuff.


Monday, June 8, 2009


I drew this moleskine sketch during our orientation meeting, first night at summer Yale.

So I'm writing this story for my Sci-Fi/Fantasy class, and it's kinda falling apart. I've got the backstory and the end, but only a sketch of the beginning and middle.

And the longer I think about it, the ending and the backstory aren't working, which then makes the beginning and the middle not work, as the details stop adding up. Frustrating.

I don't want to follow up on last week's Team Rocket-inspired story until next week, but I may have to if I can't at least finish the new story's outline by tonight...


Friday, June 5, 2009


Here are some development sketches from Pangolin Falls, beginning with Lynn. She's named Lynn to sound good with the last name "Zee," a reference to my project partner, whose name also stars with a Z, plus "Lynn" exists phonetically within "Pangolin," of course. So this sketch was to help figure out her mood, and as a writer, she sips coffee and muses.

I believe I was at a Purple Crayon show when I drew this redesign, which ended up being the model I would use.

Sweats and general comfort clothes were the ticket we were looking for, and I even modeled Lynn's sweats after those my partner was wearing as we were hauling away to the deadline. That was an insane marathon job, I felt stupidly thrilled (and exhausted) when I finished.

The other aspect was unbalanced hair: in our original story designs, she was considerably more foolishly oblivious, but as we began cutting stuff for space, it came across less so in the final comic, but the hairstyle remained.

Next is our Kappa hero, inspired by a dvd box I saw in Japan for this movie.

Although we played around with a couple of sounds he could make, we settled nearly immediately from the start with "Mrwak," which was both fun to say and write wherever possible.

Fun Facts: Kappa, which are my favorite Japanese mythical creature, can be quite dangerous, but if you bow they are so polite that they must return the courtesy, thus spilling the water they store atop their heads, betraying their severe weakness in lacking water, perhaps even resulting in death!

Pango looks like this from behind. Pretty hot, I know.

The shell was fun to draw for some reason, but then again, kappa are always fun.

The writing class is a great excuse to think about non-reality and get all imaginative and stuff, so I might have some neat stuff coming, hopefully, maybe even some Graffiti.

I love being able to think about original stories and reflecting on existing influences and not feeling (too) guilty; it's schoolwork!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Boy oh boy, I'm back at Yale and I've fallen in love with the place all over again. This summer session's like another Freshman Year again. I even have a double, but since my roommate literally popped in, saw the room, and left, I've had this gigantic Saybrook double to myself all week. The suite's huge, too, and Saybrook's way more beautiful than I'd ever realized. Imagine living here for real! The suite's pretty empty, but it would really rock with even just a TV and couch. Last year's JE suite and "room" were disgustingly tiny, but I can actually run around in SY B32.

I never got why anyone'd want to live in BR/SY, but it's crystal clear now, and my experience here is slapping the ol' JE spirit like...well, you know. I also never understood the appeal of eating at a college when Commons is so much more reliable, but since SY is currently the only game in town, and I live right across from the dining hall, I love it. They even have chocolate milk! It's going to suck going back to JE; Saybrook is basically JE minus the discomfort.

The cool thing about living here for the summer is that you get Yale minus (most of) the "awkwardness." Like, it's uncomfortable eating in JE alone, but that's because I've blown three years of getting to know anyone. At least in Saybrook, I can sit down without feeling self-conscious or guilty for being surrounded by strangers. So it really feels like I'm on vacation from "regular" JE-Yale, which is itself of course a welcomed vacation from my painfully boring non-Yale life. And get this: there's always a table open at the dining hall. Imagine that, JE.

<-- This is a study.

I only have one class (Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy), it meets twice a week, and I can finally breathe during a school term with free time daily. The downside is that there aren't any publications to draw for, so I've got to stick to my own projects, which is hard without any real deadlines strangling me.

In class we discussed my story and people actually found it funny! How cool is that? I get severely uneasy when people experience my work "live" in front of me, and today we even had to write short stories on the spot in 30 minutes and then read them aloud. I was really nervous but that story got a solid laugh, too, which was a huge relief. I really don't think of myself as funny, but man it feels good to be an entertainer.


Monday, June 1, 2009


Page Eight

This is the final entry of my classwork comic for CHEM100, starring Inspector Luso. Yeah.

I noticed Chief Bartlett (named for Yale President A. Bartlett Giamatti) ended up looking a lot like Mr. James.

Hey so, I'm back at Yale for a course on writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I'm excited because it's finally some practical narrative training that's pretty well right up my alley, aside from that sitcom writing class last Fall.
Page Nine

I found it very tough to gracefully plop in science and explanation without getting seriously texty.

Fun Facts: The cafe, originally debuting in the cut second page, is called "Toff" because it sounds better than "Tough."

The deadline drew dangerously close and each page just inherently takes a while to draw, so I feel the ending's a bit rushed. Ideally, I'da wanted to include at least two more pages: the cut second page, and an additional final page to break up this text and have a smoother ending.