Wednesday, February 9, 2011


note to self #17: jabba

That yellow menace is back--it's jack kelly's note to self. Up first is proof positive jack kelly's an insufferable poser--he's clearly never even seen Star Trek before and is just relying on buzzwords he's heard from TV actors playing nerds (y'know, like on Attack of the Show). What a freaking TARDIS, amirite Dr. Kirk?

note to self #18: telemundo

Up next is proof positive that that yellow-black-American, or whatever jack kelly socially-constructs himself as, is nothing more than a filthy racist.

note to self #19: comic strips

When it rains it pours, and judging by this comic, jack kelly wants to make it rain on all the wrong people and in all the wrong ways. Maybe jack kelly's first name is actually "R."

note to self #20: still fly

My eyes already want to vomit whenever I see a jack kelly "comic" anyway, but this one is just beyond the pale. Meaning the barf is brimming past my pukebucket's lip.

But that's all right, cuz I'm still fly.


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