Wednesday, February 23, 2011


note to self #25: yarbook pt.1 - foosball

Oh Snapple, it's time for note to self by jack kelly. Yesterday, TEN MONTHS after graduation, Yale 2010 yearbooks (The Yale Banner) finally arrived in the mail, chock-full of missing people, typographical errors, and blurry or pixelated photography. But at the end of the tome are some dedications and congratulatory messages from parents and family of graduates. jack kelly asked the Yale Banner if he could reproduce some of those oftentimes quite personal messages, and shockingly they agreed! So he compiled some into a series he's calling the "yarbook," starting with the above ode to horrific footballing.

note to self #26: yarbook pt.2 - pam

I don't think they are speaking anymore. Not unless there's a lawyer present. Speaking of which...

note to self #27: yarbook pt.3 - geoff

I can't imagine why anyone would say/write/print such a thing! That poor Geoff must be crushed...

note to self #28: yarbook pt.4 - tiger

Man, it's gotta suck to have such a loser for a kid! Good thing I have no idea what that's like!


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Danny said...

lol, nice one. too much spare time? :)