Wednesday, March 2, 2011


note to self #29: celebrity

It is my great dishonor to open the month of March at Removal, with a round of note to self by the horrific and lamentable jack kelly. Up first is a comic based on how jack kelly treats anyone who makes eye contact with him. Also, is that a cell phone or some kind of grenade? Learn to draw, doofus.

note to self #30: baby

Ugh. Thanks, jack kelly, as if we didn't have enough blatant ignorance in the word, you freaking tool.

note to self #31: say hi

That one's actually based on the last time I tried to talk to jack kelly about his controversial views on fecal matter. True story.

note to self #32: creepy uncle

Ok, jack kelly, that's WAY too much information. You need to get yourself either some help or some cyanide. Just do what you gotta do and shut up about it. And STOP watching SVU, you weirdo.


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