Monday, October 15, 2007


Odd title, but it'll make sense come Wednesday. So this is our first glimpse into the Yale Record's upcoming "Crime Issue." But surely there is no crime being committed here? Oh, you would be wrong. You would be dead wrong.

Easter Eggs: nothing visible yet; the sole easter egg for this piece (drawn in two segments) is on the left half, which will find its way to Removal on Wednesday. I guess I sort of was thinking of Toshihiro Ono's wonderful series, the Electric Tale of Pikachu, when I was drawing the lightning, but also I thought of Humberto Ramos' Spider-Man web designs, too. But nothing that would particularly evoke either genius.

Fun Facts: This is actually not the original drawing I made for what I will call the gag's "initiator," but I didn't like the original, so assuming the design people decipher my clues correctly, this is the one that will see print.


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