Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today's sketches come from yet another "What Not to Wear" evening.

Up first is Aang from Avatar: the Last Airbender, which is why I watch TV in the first place.

WNTW is on afterward, after El Tigre, so don't go thinking I camp out waiting for WNTW to come on...

It's all about Avatar, then El Tigre, then anything else I watch to defer returning to my room.

But yes, What Not to Wear is fun to go fashion hunting with, since I don't know anything about that world, and this way it's quite convenient.

This episode was about some Harvard graduate slash struggling comediane who dresses like slob.

This is what she looked like before they changed her up.

She wore military jackets and stuff.
Here's some guy I drew.

I wanted to practice upward shots, because I'm only comfortable drawing straight on, 3/4 views, or (kind of) profiles.

So as you can tell from this and a previous post, I'm trying to expand my shot-repertoire from just normal vantage points.

Finally, here's the WNTW result of a rocker girl trying to bridge over from rebellious youth into the grown-up workworld.

Stacy and Clinton criticized all of her skull and gun and rose-laden clothing, and her wide selection of black clothing.

She looked pretty nice either way, though, before and after.

But again, I don't know anything about fashion.


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