Friday, January 11, 2008


We're about ready to start another Herald cycle in just seven days, so here's the Making Of my very first comic of the year, "Genie."

It actually saw print second, but that's because I pushed it back for a more immediately relevant Freshman comic, "Warfare."

Anyway, here's the thoughtline. The blurry, upper version was written as I was walking, obviously, followed by a cleaned up version later. Below both is a skeleton draft, complete with little facial experiments on the side.

I based the wishes on what I would wish for, with enough tweaks to make it universal.

This is a close up of the skeleton draft, where I dash to get everything down so I don't forget what I'm going for. The framing, as everything else, is really simple because I just want the basic idea. Details come later.

Here's the rough draft, drawn during the very first Herald meeting, which was pretty boring, of course!

I wanted to have more focus on the '11 shirt so that it was clear the guy was a freshman, but I cut that from the final, because of too little space. You can see some rewrites and alternate framing, too.

And finally, here's the finished draft.

For MOs, I'm going to include the margins around the comics from now on because there's usually some little doodles that go on while preparing a comic.

Ok, here's to an even better semester in comics,


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