Monday, February 4, 2008


This is a doodle inspired by a Record prompt. I passed on the actual assignment, but thought my tangential idea worth sketching.

Ok, big news for me: Last Thursday I sweatily sprinted to the post office to make the deadline for this comics scholarship.

While in line, I frantically sorted through my just-printed, top seven comics from last year, to decide which five entries to mail. Ever indecisive, I asked the kind lady at the post office for her non-me opinion.

After a few minutes studying the prints, she cut:

And we agreed that my final five should be:

She chuckled out loud on most of them and seemed to legitimately enjoy the selected comics. Her favorite, oddly enough, was "Depressed," and she thought "Genie" was cute. And after studying it longer than the others, she easily cut "Horror" as too violent for her tastes.

As LeSean Thomas noted,
"If you not being HATED ON, then you ain't DOIN' S--T."
In other words, it's nice I got multiple reactions from her.

In addition to "Lighter Light" news (now collected under "LL"), "Darling Find" seems to be doing well, at least at the Herald Office, although I'm not sure how much that is saying.

I dearly hope I can keep up the momentum.


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