Wednesday, October 10, 2018


MTGinktober drifts into Day 10, "Flowing," starring Graveborn Muse spookin' up the joint!

I was on the fence about what to do with this prompt--it was a toss-up between something involving rushing water and a Merfolk (or a more lava/flamesy interpretation) and this stronger image I had in mind of a flowing nightgown, inspired by Ludo's "The Horror of Our Love." When I post my Inktobers to Twitter, I always include song lyrics that mention the prompt word, and this one synced up eerily well, so that was the decider.

"Playing hurt" is an expression I use to describe when I have to draw while super tired, and man, was I playing hurt during this one--I had such limited time to work with on this one since Wednesdays are packed with posting to all the other sites I use, and just the sheer tiredness and incessantly heavy eyelids made me worry I might miss the deadline, but fortunately we juuust made it.

Fun Facts: I didn't have to sketch this one, I just jumped straight into the piece, not only because I could so clearly envision the picture, but also because there just wasn't a whole lot of time to ruminate in. I do sketch in my head, though--and an early "draft" was a fire-aligned character "spitting fire" while "in the zone" rapping or "flowing," as the kids say. Happy we went in this more horror-based direction instead, plus Kev Walker's original composition was a great, if tiny-resolutioned reference to work from.

Easter Eggs: The background is inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas's famous spiral mountain, and since we were dealing with flowy fabrics, I felt sneaking a little Zero in there--Jack Skellington's sheet dog--would really land the piece in an ultimately playful, yet spooky place. Also, there's a Planeswalker symbol in the moon and a symbol of Avacyn on one of the gravestones, a la Macabre Waltz.

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