Thursday, October 25, 2018


MTGinktober pokes into Day 25, "Prickly," starring Zo-Zu the Punisher!

This was another tough one because nothing immediately leapt to mind. The closest thing was maybe something with Tetzimoc, Primal Death, but I really didn't feel like drawing that ugly, old dude, and I prefer drawing humanoids anyway. But Zo-Zu sounded interesting, especially the newer Wayne Reynolds version, since it was physically (jagged), figuratively (belligerent), and mechanically (constant, annoying damage source) on point.

Fun Facts: I actually met the original version's artist, Matt Cavotta, one year at Comic-Con. I had a portfolio review for what I later discerned was for either Duel Masters, or more likely Kaijudo before it was announced.

Easter Eggs: The background is largely based on the WAR version, but the mountain on the right comes from the OG version.

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