Wednesday, October 3, 2018


MTGinktober talks smack for Day 3, "Roasted," starring Koth of the Hammer thinking of some sick burns on site at the Great Furnace!

Since it's a bit of a roast, first up is a little poke at Magic's impending doom once Artifact lands. I jest of course, but how crazy would it be if Richard Garfield himself puts Magic out of business? How bittersweet would that be? You eclipse your greatest achievement--indeed, one of humanity's greatest--with an even greater achievement. In any case, I'm pretty excited to see where Artifact goes and how it changes the TCG world, but I don't actually see myself playing it since I generally can't really game at the moment. At the very least, I hope Artifact can be a venue for MTG pros to get some of the rewards they've worked so hard for, but have largely been cut away from since MTG can't (won't?) really pay out like Hearthstone and other eSports. It should be good for everyone, I'm sure, fans inlcuded. The broken artifact block killing Magic, by the way, is a reference to how they always have some incredible disaster every single time they do an artifact-themed block, notably with Mirrodin's nigh unprecedented mass bannings, including Great Furnace and the other artifact lands, not to mention Kaladesh and the Urza stuff. To keep all references internal, I coulda went with "Can't kill Magic with another broken artifact block if you get rid of blocks."

Next is a little riff on getting out of responsibility due to technicalities: you don't need to save Mirrodin because it's actually New Phyrexia now, so were good on that.

And lastly is a dig at myself, as it's quite poor form to do a roast and not knock yourself on the chin, too. To be perfectly honest, I always do feel a little cheap drawing fan art of any sort--so take that, me, you lousy fan-art-drawing sham. What's it feel like only ever being able to get people to look at your art when it's of stuff they already know and have seen better renditions of by people actually paid to draw those characters? Wait, don't answer that, I'm too busy looking at your several years' worth of mediocre Inktober galleries, which I'm sure don't at all represent monumental wastes of your materials, time, and health. Although, are you sure your Inktobers are inspired by Magic and not China? Cuz all I see is black and white and panda-ring in every picture. Anyway, enjoy all those little Internet points you get this month, I'm sure they'll feel great come December when nobody gives a carp about your needy, unremarkable, and stagnant art. At least by then you can look back at all the relatively meager likes and engagement after a couple months fuzz your memory and see them anew as a little Christmas present to yourself, cuz judging from recent history, I'm pretty sure that's the best thing you're getting this year, you socially inept hermit.


Fun Facts: I've wanted to draw Koth as the thinking guy for a while, and this prompt lined up quite well, especially since he's a red Planeswalker and the meme form allows for all kinds of sweet boo-urns, though I did consider a "roast me" style post of a few Planeswalkers. Unfortunately for that idea, the sketchbook I'm working in is kinda small, so it'd be a tough squeeze to get everything on one page.

Easter Eggs: Apparently the thinking black guy meme is called "Roll Safe"--I remember seeing the clip that sourced the image at some point, but never caught the name.

Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about using post-production to insert text on this image, cuz it definitely does feel a little cheaty...I kinda want to do a nicer version for people to use themselves...

Not normal,


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