Monday, October 8, 2018


MTGinktober shines onto Day 8, "Star," starring Chromanticore blinging it up in the night sky while a Star of Extinction scars the skyline.

I love doing this starry effect of white dots on a black field, as I've done before on say, last year's MTGinktober, "Blind," so it was cool using it in the shadows for that Therosian Nyx effect.

Fun Facts: I was torn on which Theros all-star to cast for this piece, and wished I coulda gone with Grim Guardian or Spiteful Returned, both of which I loved springing on people back in the day, but they were both super obscure and not terribly distinct, plus GG would prolly be too intricate since I only had a couple hours for this piece. I beat Yamaken with help from Spiteful Returneds, ya know, and my love of Grim Guardian, which I loved forcing in Draft (only ever passed maybe one or two ever), originates from my lifelong love of extortionist, Thief-of-Hope-style gameplay.

Easter Eggs: This one's tough, but I've included a few actual constellations in this. Since he's lionistic, I placed Leo on his left wing, Orion for a Men in Black callback on his right front arm, Pisces on his left hind leg, and the evergreen classic, Big Dipper on his tail.

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