Monday, February 1, 2010


Congratulations, you were mentioned in my material, now you are famous!

Zero Like Me #71:
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Easter Eggs: The Beatles suck, true, but the four names spoofing that iconic Beatles shirt are mentioned only with the tenderest of intentions. Also, "Yale" in panel 1. Also, also, OCD is more popular with older Yalies, but it refers to the Oldest College Daily, or the "YDN" if you will.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is kinda sorta the YDN's 2room, but meh... Anyway, I do not believe in naming names on this site or in my artwork unless it's either: mentioned in a generally positive way, it's disguised (Easter egg'd, aliased, etc.), or unless it's clearly a public figure (and tactfully presented), but for this private citizen I will make an exception.

Baa: It was pretty funny because not only did I have no idea this guy even existed until about a week ago when I saw his audition (after which I tried to tell my fellow YCC Comedy Committee members that this guy was just lots of [nervous] energy with little actual hilarity--he forgot his act on stage, the set up being his major, slippery information, I'm sure), but also as a committee member, I was in the reserved seating, just a few seats away from him and one row back! In fact, I was sketching him as he was speaking. AWKWARD.

And, assuming the jeering from the audience was trying to shut the comedian up and it was not booing my name (oh spit, son, I'm a celebrity reference!) can I just say, that was really quite nice of you? If I had friends, I'd want them to go to bat for me just as loudly and maniacally as that. So thank you, you awesome little weirdos. Now go back to your blurking...thatta boy.

Okay, I don't see any reason to pursue this subject any further since we both got our shots in through our own mediums, so we're even. However, regarding that guy's stand up act, I believe my old YDN boss, Mr. Kaplan, put it best: "This is a tragedy first and foremost, but it does present some opportunities to do outstanding journalism."

Ransom Dan World Tour officially kicks off this weekend at...Tee Dee? Dang.



Nathan Molina said...

Wow, dude. You're a clown. Eric actually tries to be a clown sometimes but you got him beat.

Reynolds said...

its funny because no one knows who the "funk" you are too.

david said...

I like when my comics have recognizable grammatical structures

Anonymous said...

pretty cool that one of those bumbling idiot athlete's got you in fits over a single remark... stick to the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Man, the track team has really shown up in full force. I didn't realize they knew how to use computers.

(Go Reuben!)

Anonymous said...

egomania - Extreme appreciation or preoccupation with the self.

Anonymous said...

Ruben, you are hilarious and your comic is great. Keep it up.