Friday, February 5, 2010


Ding, ding, ding, that's the match.

Zero Like Me #73:
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Easter Eggs: Nyao zoning out, "FB01," and "Yale" in panel 1. An ugly, ugly number. Shout out to Monty and that sack of urine, the right dishonorable jack kelly via the Stiller.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is based on a building I spotted just outside of 8 Prospect (Who's marching up Science Hill second semester senior year despite being a lit major done with all requirements of any sort? This guy.). Anyway, this comic is a subject near and dear to my cold, black heart because Yale is so saturated with irony (sickeningly so, dawg) yet, it seems so selectively scouted for on some peoples' radar, especially when I use it, which is both irritating and exciting at the same time.

Baa: Freshman Year, I lived with a guy who would always call me on my blanket, uninformed statements, yet nobody would flinch when he'd say stuff like this, or any other general superlativery. This was as frustrating and as creatively crippling as my family's constant inability to understand sarcasm at all. But then again, using sarcasm does have a certain charm when people aren't on to you, you know.

Wow, as I was writing the above paragraph I got a call (wrong number, natch) and automatically launched into sarcasm's prolly cuz it's really fun being in character. Why stick to the script when there is no script in Life and you can improv, especially on the trivial stuff?

Get some, homie,


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