Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's like it rhymes with orange.

Zero Like Me #84:
The Orange Groove
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3, bunny sweater, courier costume, shameless ad for the Tea in panel 1, refs to The Orange Grove in panels 1 and 3 and Copper in 4.

Fun Facts: I really feel like a part of the team at the YDN now cuz there's a ridiculously bad factual error in this piece! As I learned from my esteemed guest, the Kazu Kibuishi (who will be speaking at a Record/JE Master's Tea today at 4:30pm) over some bowls of noodley-Chinese(?) food*, the Amulet movie, along with several other Will Smith-related projects is being shelved...!

*Yeah, I ate non-comfort-zone food.

Baa: I also learned how to pay for a meal with a credit card at dinner last night! I have actually never had to pay a check at a restaurant so this was my first time using that little credit card pamphlet thing and all that. I don't know how I will survive after Yale. In a related item, ordering at drive-throughs freaks me out.

Ok, Tea time is 4:30 at JE! It's going to be neat! Kazu Kibuishi knows all kinds of industry stuff and his artwork is jaw dropping, his comics are hilarious, poignant, and moving! Plus there's huge Flight, Amulet, and artists-of-Flight news afoot. Some copies of Amulet 2 remain at the Yale Bookstore; Amulet 1 is sold out, but they may have restocked by now.


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