Monday, February 22, 2010


I prefer mustard, myself...

[Update: Final art up top.]

Zero Like Me #83:
Snowy Locks
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Easter Eggs: Decomposer crow, Karate Kid ref, and "Yale" in panel 1. Riff on my favorite Shaggspeere quote in panel 3 (Big Macbeff to "Dolla Dolla" Bank-qwo). What looks like egomania (panel 1) is actually fun-filled self-destruction (panel 4)!

Fun Facts: Snow's melting now, but these Yale snowmancers know what's up. Also, this comic was begun a while ago when it was a bit colder, but who knows if snow will return, so I gotta use it now or perhaps never cuz of that whole graduation thing. That's the worst part--gotta rush stuff out because any missed exits are gone for good on this hideous temporal freeway.

Baa: On Saturday night after dinner, I received what may be the greatest gift I've ever received for anything. If you dropped that note off for me, please...who are you? It's murder not knowing who you (any of you) are, I hope you realize that. Not to blow any upcoming comics, but in the spirit of my impending graduation could you please stop lurking...? I try to make myself as accessible as possible online and in person, and if you really do follow what I do, then you know I'm more scared of you than you are of me. If it helps, I've been randomly encountering fans quite regularly this year, but I always get timidly tongue-tied so no one is ever more un-at-ease than me, guaranteed.

I really do want to meet people who enjoy my comics, as you are the only people who matter to me. And you know who and where I be, Note-homie, so help me out, aight? Peace.

Ahem. Speaking of last Saturday night, my rootbeeraganza at Branford went great, with all 12+ rootbeerios flying off the shelf. More free stuff here, by a Yale artist well worth paying for. I ponied up the 2 dollars last December, but he's giving them away for free now!

And, well, in the spirit of this do-or-die openness, I'm secretly comicsing at each dining hall 5-7pm according to this schedule, and you're free to stop by since those are not deadline days, so I'm under less pressure. The headphones are on cuz I can't draw in silence; I'm not trying to shut people out.

All ye, all ye, come home free,


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