Friday, February 19, 2010


Can I get some help now?

Zero Like Me #82
Zero Romance #16:
Little Zero in Warebitland
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Easter Eggs: Romance XVI in trees. The whole thing's a tribute to Chris Ware and Windsor "Silas" McCay. Actual dialogue from Nemo and Rarebit in the final panel, plus a Shakespeare ref, even!

Fun Facts: This was a lot of fun to research--I happened to have the complete Nemo and Rarebit Fiend laying around my room cuz I'm supposedly using them for my senior thesis, and I also had a Chris Ware Quimby the Mouse book sitting on deck, too, so I finally figured out how to unite 'em all. I've been wanting to do a McCay tribute since I started Zero Romance, and a Chris Ware tribute since even earlier, so I can now scratch two things off my bucket list.

I love how Chris Ware just goes for the throat, so I tried to go there, too, drawing from some nice little memories I store up for just such occasions.

Baa: I took a course on graphic novels, where I discovered Chris Ware. It blew my mind when I realized you can actually read his comics in multiple ways depending on which panel order you choose, so in my attempt to mimic him, I tried to make this comic as interactive as possible, so you can play around with it--you can read the comic in three or four different ways.

I've mentioned Chris Ware in every paragraph it seems...well he's really that amazing. Ugh, I got so close to getting him for a Master's Tea, but like a wild Suicune, he fled just when I got my hopes up!

Anyway, this comic goes out to you-know-who...

Hey Chris, Final Art Coming Soon,


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