Friday, January 29, 2010


Do I have to give my classmate's dad a check now?

Zero Like Me #70
Zero Romance #13:
Ransom Dan Pt.2: My Zero Romance
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Easter Eggs: Romance 13, sombrero man, Pringles man, and Pink Floyd man, and special shout out in final panel; Late Night with Conan's logo in Panel 1; ?uestlove afro pick drum style, Justin Pierre layer style, Order Made Radwimps style, 3 Cheers style, Alex Turner yawn style, Mikey Way style, Pansy style, The Subways' bassist style, Tony Thaxton kit style; Shawn Harris leap style; I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and Back to the Future refs.

Fun Facts: My gosh, this was insanely fun to write, draw, and research. So much fun just getting as ridikalus as possible.

Baa: It feels like I haven't Heralded in, I miss it. What a way to get back in it, though. Wish it was always this fun.

Toldja I was starting a band! EP coming soon offa my label, Deathreux Records. It's gonna be hot like Ebola, kid.


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