Friday, February 12, 2010


Never let the walls down, never let them in.

Zero Like Me #78
Zero Romance #15:
Pretty. Sneaky. Sis.
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Easter Eggs: Romance 15 in panel 1 of row 2. Sorta J. H. Williams III style (the center of the comic roughly forms a giant outline of Nyao) Jada Pinkett Smith's Oscar gowns plus Anastasia Romanov (animated) inspired Alexis Blight's evening wear. Callback to that tape recorder.

Fun Facts: Scarletto's is based on where I had the greatest meal of my life.

Baa: I don't know what people wear on dates, so I just went for Oscar wear. It sucks that male fashion doesn't really exist. Isn't that weird?

They apparently scheduled Rise and Return on the same night as the Yale-Harvard basketball game again, but I was totally out of the loop so I missed the mini-Game (the only interesting Yale sport, actually) and it was close too, dangit, down to the wire.

Go back to FB01 and chant "do you remember?" to get your fix of depression. Works like a harm.


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