Monday, November 23, 2009


Thanksgiving break is here, so I'm going to post some artwork every day this week.

Today is the Making Of...this comic, one that got me some interesting mail. One email said I was "out of control funny" and literally the email right after that one called me a "sack of [stuff]," so yeah.

At right is the thumbnail sketch of the comic, where I loosely figure out where everything's going to go.
Whenever I have to draw real people, I try to get a practice sketch in, and this is lo de Koalabear Onedrop.

Her last name is a reference to my favorite game, Magic: the Gathering. A "onedrop" is a creature that costs one mana, an essential part of White Weenie decks, which win by swarming the opponent with massive numbers of dudes to win as fast and as efficiently as possible. Koalas are cute and are a play on words.

She reminds me of my old high school teacher...

These are some costume designs. I wanted neophytes (Zero) to wear Snuggie-styled robes, regular members (Nyao) to wear costumes modeled after the E Stone society in Toshihiro Ono's Pikachu Shocks Back, and I wanted the leaders to dress like Team Rocket. I love Team Rocket, and you've got to be feeling cool and powerful if you dress like them AND wear a cape.

I wanted all caps to be unique, and so to test my designs, I tried designing a "Be Square" hat based on Dan's old Herald comic's characters.

Up next is a trial sketch of Rivercreek Pacifism. I wanted silly names, but their first names are based on the real people, and the last names are just based on funny sounding words. Coincidentally, "Pacifism" is a card you might use in a White Weenie deck, and it's actually one of my favorite white cards, but it sucks when they use it on you.

A society or movement to appreciate Beauty and Justice is a great idea, but I would have liked it if they just stuck to beauty as their main goal, without justice entering into the picture, because I feel the former weakens and even counteracts the latter goal. I love aesthetics, and even in my graphic novels class, I learned to appreciate some at first really ugly comics styles, so I would actually be quite interested in a society that tries to explore different aesthetics. But when coupling beauty with justice...the justice part just feels kind of frivolous or trivialized, no matter how you slice it. "Justice" as an inferred subsection of "beauty," that's where it's at, but I have a hard time grasping them placed on the same footing because it just feels like they're cheapening Justice by having it so closely associated with Beauty.


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