Friday, November 27, 2009


A special advanced screening today, the illustration for the next installment of Doggie Mojo, my prose series in the Penny Dreadful, and it's also going to be the cover. Neat!

In this Deal, "The Space Between (Interlude in B Flat)," Lillis has to tangle with the deadly H.Arms security mechs meanwhile piloting a stolen mechsuit with uncanny natural skill.

Will she make it through the cold, pilotless machines' inhumanly precise security defenses? Will she die? Will there only be one more Deal? I don't know!

This is what it looked like before the bells and whistles.

Photoshop is sorta tricky to work with--the more stuff you learn about, the more you want to start adding on new tricks and techniques, but I love lines so much and I don't want to lose them in the mix.

That's where mangaka get it done; they know exactly what's just enough to let the lines sing uninterrupted, while still adding enough production to elevate the piece. That's why I don't like US comics so much--too much emphasis on color, when the lines are what really matter.

Easter Eggs: Metal Gear Solid chat window, Gundam style model for the H.Arms, pokeball.

Fun Facts: Trying to keep the Toonami vibe.

Baa: I hate the process of going to sleep and I hate the process of waking up. But I love sleeping. It's the space between that's key.

Daily Post Challenge done.


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