Monday, April 5, 2010


I just grossed myself out with this one.

Zero Like Me #98:
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. You cannot spell "Float On" without "Flo a ton," teehee. This comic's signature misrepresented the date the comic was drawn. The comicser drew this on the 4th, not the 5th, and doesn't feel like correcting it. The YDN regrets this error.

Fun Facts: I remember the Trudeau did a run on the iPad unveiling, plus the YDN held a design talk that spent a lot of time about newspapers' necessary future tablet capabilities, but the other day I randomly saw this Stephen Colbert clip (Jimmy?) and I figured this would be something of interest to a lot of people to read about in a comic. Some JEsters spotted me working on it, saw the word "iPad" and asked for a preview. The early reviews are positive...

Baa: I hate macs. But ever since I started using them nigh exclusively for the past week or so in the JE computer cluster, after my laptop went into the shop, I still hate macs. But they're not so bad. But they still suck.

Also, man, do you guys really...bleed like that? Dude, that's rough. That makes me wonder how there can really be...y'know...female tough guys...I mean...eventually...won't they just...y'know...just kinda...just bleed everywhere? I don't mean anything insulting by it, I kinda makes adventure/fantasy series a bit harder to know? You know, like, is it believable to have strong female characters doin'-it-their-way before they had pads? Oh gosh, I just grossed myself out again. I'm going to stop writing now. Good day.


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