Wednesday, March 30, 2011


note to self #45: back me up, ladies

Like a wad of plaque wedged between your gums, note to self, by that walking argument-for-abortion, jack kelly, returns with another set of comics nobody asked for, starting with a comic that is yet another entry into an already brimming file of evidence on how ignorant and pernicious jack kelly really is. How dare he suggest that it's gotten to the point where it's socially acceptable to characterize all men as idiots! What an idiot, man!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Study: March Insanity
Patient: #002
Department: Prosthetic Commissions Laboratory
Case: Intertextuality of solemn colossusi and darksteel simulacra

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


note to self #41: quentin terantino had a theory

Like an unsightly mole, note to self, by the ever-atrocious jack kelly, is just as present as ever, beginning with a comic that shows how small-minded jack kelly really is.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


note to self #37: maneuver

Despite my best efforts, today is the day of note to self, by the ever fecally-endowed jack kelly, starting with a comic that shows how selfish jack kelly is. We went to Yale, you jerk, we must do everything shy of suicide to help everybody around us and smile every bit of the way. And for fart's sake, learn to draw, you hack.

note to self #38: lush

You know jack kelly is full of it, right? He's the meanest boozebag I've ever seen. And I've seen drunk DKE brothers.

note to self #39: thug life

I got a tattoo that says "<-- I'm with stupid", so that when I am with jack kelly, people will know that he is stupid.

note to self #40: roman polanski

Come on, are you serious? You really can't separate the individual from the art? Do you seriously not make the distinction betwee--blaaarhghghhghgh--sorry I think I vomited a little in my mouth. Now what was I talking about, again?


Friday, March 11, 2011


Study: March Insanity
Patient: #001
Department: Center for Botanical Commissions
Case: Horticultural Implications of the Z-Space Continuum

Monday, March 7, 2011


note to self #33: cat fat

Slight change of scheduling--Zero Like Me will be posted on Wednesday, so today is note to self, by that walking turd bomb jack kelly, starting with a comic that's jack kelly's attempt at being sensitive.

note to self #34: cake

I can tell that jack kelly is going the distance. Yeah, jack kelly, that was sarcasm, you post-it-noting idiot.

note to self #35: instruments

Congratulations, jack kelly, you just achieved a brand new level of ignorance. Have you never heard of these guys? Have you never heard this? Ugh. Why do I even try to get through to you?

note to self #36: fecal temporality

Words escape me, jack kelly. Words escape me. They escape me in a luscious flow of chunky browns and reds.


Friday, March 4, 2011


What do you get when you mix Motion City Soundtrack drummer and bicep reduction enthusiast Tony Thaxton with One Piece Straw Hat medical reindeer Tony Tony Chopper?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


note to self #29: celebrity

It is my great dishonor to open the month of March at Removal, with a round of note to self by the horrific and lamentable jack kelly. Up first is a comic based on how jack kelly treats anyone who makes eye contact with him. Also, is that a cell phone or some kind of grenade? Learn to draw, doofus.

note to self #30: baby

Ugh. Thanks, jack kelly, as if we didn't have enough blatant ignorance in the word, you freaking tool.

note to self #31: say hi

That one's actually based on the last time I tried to talk to jack kelly about his controversial views on fecal matter. True story.

note to self #32: creepy uncle

Ok, jack kelly, that's WAY too much information. You need to get yourself either some help or some cyanide. Just do what you gotta do and shut up about it. And STOP watching SVU, you weirdo.