Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This spit right here, homie? This spit right here, homie? Right here, this spit homie? This spit here, homie?

This spit's called Death, homie.

For the Yale Record, which should be out soon.

Easter Eggs: The Old Owl, skull cloud, Harkness looks like he's giving me the finger Haha!

Fun Facts: The costuming was inspired by the great Jinjin.

Baa: It's Reading Week, so if you need Monster before Saturday's weekly Monster Dump (ideally for working, not partying...) they're readily available.

Got to finish a comic for a class now, been working on it all day, every day (Spring Fling was a mediocre soundtrack post-Caesar).

No sleep till Brooklyn,


Monday, April 27, 2009


To break from drawing, I drew this guy I met in Japan. Turns out he's not just a music enthusiast, but is also in a band called Rifle!

Baa: Someone once mentioned that they recognized my style, which makes me laugh because I don't feel I really have a "style" yet, just a collection of methods for different occasions. So for kicks, I like to sniff out my style by consciously applying "style" to warp a subject, like this guy.

I suspended my Ex!t boycott for their senior show to check out these two Ex!t seniors, fellow and former Recordians. I always wanted to draw this guy because he has such a distinct look, and he looks so easy to draw, but I have never been able to really get him. He's graduating, so no more chances, dangit.

Fun Facts: After I paid him my entrance fee, he said, "Thank you, sir," in a way that says, "I vaguely remember you, but I think you may clearly remember me, so this could--wait, yes, yes, it did just get uncomfortable in here."

Entrance fees're the main reason I loathe Ex!t. Benji could have owned their entire gang single-handedly, but the Crayon only charges on parents' weekend (logical).

Anyway, I actually worked directly with this guy last year on the Record. He's quite funny, has mad geek cred (Mana burn and d20s?!! Yes!), and he is actually a hecka underrated artist!

He really shoulda drawn more for the Record; I can think of several art pieces that should have been assigned to him.

Fun Facts: I exaggerated with the hair, but he's quite fun to draw (flashback).

The other reason I dislike Ex!t is the names! What is up with the "wacky" stage names?!



Friday, April 24, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam throws down.

In conclusion, never assume.

Monsta Crash #13: GoingHome
Next Comic: THE END
Previous Comic: Here
First Comic: Here

Easter Eggs: Crash XIII bottom left panel. "JE"-shaped Monsta legs. Frasier's skyline. ZLM in the last panel's forest.

Fun Facts: I was so deliriously tired while drawing this one (hallucinations and shaking!), but after leaving the Herald office, I felt like jumping around; I couldn't stop smiling at the very fact that it's all over--I even let out an idiotic scream. Of course I still had a paper to finish in a few hours.

Thanks: JE, Variante, Invader Zim, Endling, Miyazaki, Joe & Andrew.

Baa: I don't drink, but I'm basically "drunk" every Friday morning after Heralding--I'm so exhausted (likely coming off of an energy drink), and giddy for finishing a comic, that I drop my guard and loosen up as I head over to Commons for my pre-nap/wrap-party breakfast.

So this series was alternatively fun and dreadfully boring to write and draw, but if I Herald regularly next year, I've got an idea that will rock, guaranteed. After two years doing this--FIFTY FIVE Herald comics later (82 total proper YDN/Herald pieces!)--I think I've finally cracked it. As much as I want to push for fuller narrative in the Herald, episodic is the way to go. I'm thinking of calling the next series Fishcarrots.

Well, thanks for visiting. I hope you'll check back over the summer. Also, check the JE basement stairway this Saturday for another Monster giveaway, just in time for reading week.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Prospective Yale 2013: Yale is the best thing that can ever happen to you. It rocks cracking a moronic smile, contemplating the very fact that you go to Yale.

Prospective Yale 2013: Yale is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. It sucks dreading the future, contemplating the very fact that you'll have to leave Yale.

Zero Like Me #20: Love & Death
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: "Yale" on sleeves; the date in panel 2. Nyao's speech bubbles are Yin Yang halves, complete with corresponding dots, as is the entire comic.

Fun Facts: Nyao is the comedy/tragedy masks, while Zero is expressionless--although this is his first time smiling (creepy).

Baa: I cringe whenever I see comicsers insert their own, naked voices into comics, but I always sign, "Thanks!" in each semester's final comic, despite my severe discomfort in talking straight to the reader in a comic (and even on this website).

But as I do every semester, here are some specific thank yous.

Thanks: JE admins and students, Reed, Cullen, Claire, Takeshi Obata, Garry Trudeau, rock.

Special Thanks: Ruth, Charles, Bonner.

Anyway, thank you for tuning in, I hope you will check back next semester, and maybe even over the summer.

Thanks for visiting,


Monday, April 20, 2009


The latest Penny Dreadful is out now.

Easter Eggs: A bunny and a gunny cuz the character is supposed to sport straight, dark hair, and mid 90s fashion.

Fun Facts: I drew most of the rough lines on the train to New York to see an awful Richard Foreman "play" for a class. I drew my second on-train piece a couple of weekends ago to go watch a heart wrenching play with the great former JE Master.

Baa: My last Culture Draw was for The American Plan, which closed with, "Happiness exists, but it's for other people." That's kind of my philosophy, except I'd say I'm a tad bit more optimistic.


Friday, April 17, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam watches her only friend die.

Some weeks, especially this, really make me want to quit everything.

Monsta Crash #12: UltraPeepi
Next Comic: Here
Previous Comic: Here
First Comic: Here

Easter Eggs: Crash 12 in panel 4. SK fail in panel 5, callback to Crash 2.

Fun Facts: Ultra Peepi is a mix of the original form, Totoro, and a Laputian sentry. While drawing this comic, I also wrote another comic I will draw in exactly 365 days.

In addition, that generic-insult jack kelly spews forth "secret" and "confessions."

Baa: I'll never forget when my high school Spanish teacher said to me, "Doesn't it feel great to be wanted?" referencing my incoming college acceptance letters. He meant to emphasize being in-demand, not that nobody wanted me otherwise (true, though--strange how people start talking to you after you get accepted to Yale...), but I agreed, it felt great to have people actually vying for me for the first time in my life.

And for the first time since getting into colleges, I finally felt truly validated, legitimated, accepted; like all the suffering leading up till then was finally, finally worth it: I got accepted into Garry Trudeau's society, the ultimate seal of approval for someone trying so hard to match him (taped on the inside of my door is a YDN clipping: my ZLM debut, which has Doonesbury printed right above it; I see it every day). Like Yale, I got in without friends, connections, or anything; pure merit--you can imagine how amazing I felt.

And then it was all a joke. At first I thought, "well, at least I felt great for a day," but then it really went south as midnight ticked closer and I knew the real deal wasn't coming either. I've never felt so profound a loss as Thursday.

I mean, what do I have to do to prove myself? It's like losing a footrace: you do the absolute most your body can physically do, and you still failed, powerless to do any bit more. But I feel like this is what I get for betting everything on art.

It wasn't about power or prestige or elitism or anything, it was about feeling validated and I failed. I don't care about anything else at Yale but art, and now the one thing I care about feels meaningless.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


[Update: Final Art]

If anyone ever pulls this on you, you're obligated by law to sing along or forever be deemed a sucka.

Zero Like Me #19: Vanilla
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3, Calvin and Hobbes' dance moves in panel 4, callback to the series premiere as we wind down for the year. TSGA, GCGG, RM.

Fun Facts: Nyao can speak perfect English if she's quoting something, and she's not really angry unless her top ears pull back. Quite rare, I drew this in just one day (homework + a takehome screwed up my schedule) and had to cut corners to make the deadline, so the final version will appear soon.

And now I know what happens when I draw from rap instead of rock. In a related story, I cannot wait for SPRING FLING! It's going to be incredible, but for some reason they've decided to host it at Stiles...

Also, in an effort to be more social, please enjoy the new segment called "Baa."

Baa: I will again be dumping my stash of Monster at the JE Dining Hall's nagging table this Saturday, so pick one up if you need it.

Final draft soon,


Monday, April 13, 2009


Tonight don't make the nice girls cry.

Grab your favorite household cleaning products, it's time for Sick Little Suicide #7 - "Lullaby," in which I deal with old, ongoing, and upcoming stories.

Easter Eggs: "Y-A-L-E" above statues, 3:22pm, a shirt, a smile/tie/hairdo, a trumpet, T-shirt and tie combination.

Fun Facts: Harkness Tower in fact has "IIII" rather than "IV." This is my second time drawing something on a train for print.

From personal experience on at least two occasions, I've had some incredibly negative interactions with one of those guys. I get that people perceive me as rude, but I have great excuses: I'm not well practiced in talking to people, and I freely admit I'm socially inept. But this guy's supposed to be Mr. Gregarious!

However, I also know from personal experience that if the guy says he's going to do something, he does it, and does it well. So you're probably alright voting for him. I'm not up for letting him speak for me if I can avoid it*, but he'll probably do a great job doing whatever it is they do, and if not, I get to draw things about him! Be Bush if you want, I'll be Trudeau.

*The poll says I have to be more social, so I'll give it a try if you go first. I assure you, I'm more scared of you than you are of me, especially offline. And please don't ask other people about me, I guarantee you they don't know me. I'm the only person who knows where I will be playing the trumpet next year, for example. Anyway, I don't know how to go about being more social, but for starters, I can always draw stuff for people or give them free Monster--and am I supposed to reply to comments in the comments section rather than in future posts? Bottom line: help me out here; I want to try, but I really don't know what I'm doing.


Friday, April 10, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam meets a belligerent doppelganger.

Ooooh, so a Monsta Crasher is some sorta vampire slayer that slays creatures called "monstas," alluding to pocket monsters--now I get it.

Monsta Crash #11: MonstaCrasher
Next Comic: Here
Previous Comic: Here
First Comic: Here

Easter Eggs: Crash 11 in the last panel.

Fun Facts: I've now updated this week's comics and it only took until summer.

And that so-and-so jack kelly also has some stuff.

First is jack kelly's "human"

And then jack kelly's "hetero" next:

Ok, off I go.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


He didn't inhale.

Zero Like Me #18: Taboocco
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: Pretty clouds blowing brains out, "Yale" in clouds, LGFUAD, TFFMO.

Fun Facts: This was scripted a hecka long time ago, but it's pretty appropriate now. Happy room draw, everybuddy!

This one goes out to JE, without which this series would not be possible. Haha. This one also goes out to all you smokers, of course. Please quit.

Words can't express how much I hate smoking. Ugh...I'm getting all tense just thinking about it...ugh, I need a smoke.


Monday, April 6, 2009


This is a piece for the Yale Record's "Please Your Man Issue," just released.

Man, the Record's so much better now; used to be brutal. And how about that cover?!

Easter Eggs: Old Owl in Link's arm guard (not the Owl from Zelda).

Fun Facts: Superman sucks, Link only speaks in ellipses, and I have a joke about Alcoholics Anonymous that was too hot for the YDN...Also, my very first Record piece featured Spider-Man!

Pick up the issue before it rapidly disappears, as is often the case.

Update: Hey, there's now photographic proof I actually go to Yale. Today's YDN shows me at a VQ show...I hate myself.


Friday, April 3, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam and Peepi the Sprite pwn a rooftop monsta.

Sometimes these are really fun to draw.

Monsta Crash #10: FightinWords
Next Comic: Here
Previous Comic: Here
First Comic: Here

Easter Eggs: Crash 10 in the countdown. Originally simply named Edwards, Gari's got Radical Edward's cheek things.

Fun Facts: This series is JE-centric, so Gari's named for the great JE Master, and her sprite is based on the Australian Emu. I couldn't find Gari's design sheet, so I improv'd new designs hours before deadline!

Even though Gari is the villain, the people referenced are both wonderful.

Example 1: I went to New York last Saturday to see a play for a class and all I learned was never to go to New York for a play unless it's with the Master.

Example 2: The second reference helped me clean up my spilled cup Freshmen Year and wouldn't let me flee after the formalities.

Anyways, the imbecilic jack kelly first brings us "derogatorial."

Originally called "rinasfs," jack kelly forgot that "derogatorial" isn't a word, so I generously corrected it for him here but the world will always remember his printed typo.

In any case, he concludes with "oink."


Final thought: I noticed I frequently draw people pointing dramatically.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Being scared in pairs is better than being scared and alone. Haha.

Zero Like Me #17: Crazy Weird
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: James' uniform (Pokemon), Nami's first outfit (One Piece) "Yale" in panel 2. Each big die totals 5 or 8. The other dice are my birthday and my first Herald Comic's date (roughly).

Fun Facts: I orchestrated a Jumanji spoof for April Fools week at YDN comics, and the saga, spanning each Yale comic series, concludes Thursday.

And that is all the April Fools for this year.