Wednesday, September 2, 2009


No, literally...days.

Zero Like Me #24: My Name Is
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in Panel 1, parallel costuming and posing, but different angles for Zero as he appeared in the very first comic.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is the exquisite Farnam B.

Baa: I associate My Name Is Jonas with getting accepted to Yale because my Welcome-to-JE DVD started with that song playing in the background, so I forever feel like a pre-frosh again whenever I listen to it. I love those Freshman Year days. If there are any 2013s out there, you really have to keep that stuff close, cuz it disappears quick. Find something that will always store and conjure what you're feeling right now, so if you ever lose it, you can always remember when you had it.

Anyway, the last YDN issue was just the Camp Yale edition, but now we're getting going, so I thought it would be cool to echo the very first comic but the difference is that Zero has Nyao and rather than start on a JE rooftop reflecting on the future and its termination, he starts atop Farnam, reflecting on the past.


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