Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm here at Yale over the break. It beats spending money to go back to California, having to be in the house, and not being at Yale.

The only downside to being at Yale over breaks is that there's no food. BUT the International Center is giving away free dinners, so I get to eat every day, which is neat. One of my life mottos is, "I'd rather starve than pay for food," so I'm screwed once I graduate. But that motto basically means that I hate paying for stuff, especially food, cuz it feels like such a waste.

So I went on Monday and they had tons of free pizza! No water, so I had to drink soda (ugh...), and not even root beer. So maybe it was because I hadn't eaten a meal since The Game tailgate (I did have two bags of Uncommon bunny crackers Sunday, though), but that was some of the best pizza I've ever had. Aside: Sally's is insanely overrated. Pepe's, Papa John's, even Pizza Hut pwn Sally. I am somewhat of a picky and simple eater, but fortunately I can eat the same thing every day for years. For most of elementary school I had a ham sandwich every day until like 5th grade, when I finally got sick of it.

Anyway, for today's meal, it was me, Johnny Salami, the Gaboozo bruddas, and we exchanged looks of dread as our naive dream shattered--they wouldn't be serving pizza all week. Worse yet, they were serving...Chinese food. I tried to load up on white rice, which was my strategy whenever we went out to eat in Japan, but I did try some of this red-sauced meat stuff. It was pretty all right, but the yellow rice was really spicy, and the white rice was incredibly bland.

So anyway we're all waiting for the inevitable horror to come that is Indian food. I tried Indian food Freshman Year and it still haunts me. As in Japan, when I arrived at Yale I promised myself to try new things no matter what as that is what college is all about, but I fear I've lost some of that adventurous zeal. But if I'm served free food, I feel doubly obligated to try it, even if I've had previous bad experience.

On the way back from food, I cut through WLH 112 and had a drawing session with jack kelly. I drew the picture, he wrote the script. I was feeling pretty patriotic after that gross international meal in a room full of internationals. Hopefully pizza counted as "Amurrca Night," so that Italy gets a chance this week. It's been so long since I had good lasagna.


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