Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello, have we met?

Name: Reuxben
Stats: Yale, JE '10, Literature. Nor/SoCal.
Updates: Friday, Monday, Wednesday
Inspiration: Rock music, Eiichiro Oda, Toshihiro Ono, Takeshi Obata, Garry Trudeau, angst.

Namesake: A high school teacher always typo'd my name differently, and this's the best way to misspell my name (the X is silent).

Goals: I want to entertain and confide in you, make comics matter at Yale, and train myself to draw for a living, meanwhile keeping nice and sane.

Old comic
: Darling Find
Art-intensive intro: Retrospective2009
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: Zero Like Me (YDN, Herald), Sick Little Suicide (YDN), Record, Penny Dreadful, and I know this idiot called jack kelly who works at the Herald.

Thanks: for visiting!

I hope to see you around,


Friday, August 28, 2009


Things are gonna change, I can feel it.

UPDATE: Final art at top.

Zero Like Me #23: Perdedor
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-First Comic-

Hello, if you're new to my page, I do undergrad comics here at Yale, and they are usually a little more detailed than this, but I had two comics due today! .

Easter Eggs: My cell phone kinda, Zero's old shirt.

Fun Facts: Sore/shaking arms from unpacking, pressure from the editors, and this is the fastest comic I've ever done--just around three hours!

Baa: Please check out Comics Club and try out for Yale Herald Comics! For more information, go here, find me at the Bazaar this Sunday, or email me (I'm President of the club and I'm the YHC Editor).

Anyway, feel free to click around; I would be happy to be your study break,



Juggle some chainsaws, it's Sick Little Suicide # 8 - "Rip," in which I bet that some people kinda feel this way.

It's like Rory Gilmore, just realer and Browner.

Easter Eggs: "EVDKTL" in the upper right grass (RIP The Matches), L and T Tetris blocks atop LC.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is an unlikely angle between CT Hall and LC. Also, no disrespect meant to Garry Tru--, I just thought it was a funny shout out.

Baa: Hello Yale 2013! I envy you for being freshmen! Don't forget to enjoy every second of it!

Also, please join Comics Club and/or Yale Herald Comics--see our flyers around campus for information or email me!

Final draft art coming soon.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


...And we are back in business. JE E-32 is actually quite great! And they fixed up the JE computer lab!

Today's costumes inspired by The Matches' Shawn Harris.

Troubadour Setlist:
Jack Slap Cheer
What Katie Said
Yankee in the Chip Shop
Little Maggots
Point Me Toward the Morning
Salty Eyes
Dog Eared Page
Audio Blood
Clouds Crash
Darkness Rising
Sunburn vs. the Rhinovirus
Wicked Walk
Clumsy Heart
Didi My Doe (Part 2)
Wake the Sun
Chain Me Free
Dramatic exeunt...and then they return!
Papercut Skin
Scratched Out (Ft. Shawn's lil sister humming, as she did on the CD, it seems)
Sick Little Suicide
And then a snippet of Eryn Smith after chanting requests after their finale.



Monday, August 24, 2009


This is the pencils of a Penny piece that never was, but it's appropriate cuz I can't wait: I'm flying back to Yale in < 24 hours!

Also The Matches were insane Saturday night! They absolutely destroyed with this song, and it was altogether an incredible show! Shawn Harris even made tons of time to talk to anyone who came up to him after the show, too. His hair was literally dripping globs of sweat, but he chatted away like nothing.

I shook his hand and he had a surprising light grip. I told him I named my series after his song--which happened to be their finale, too--and I think he said he thought that was cool. Anyway, I just checked, and I come in second in a Google-image of "Sick Little Suicide," so that's pretty neat.

Anyway I'm trying to be optimistic about their "hiatus" being temporary, especially since I totally blew my chance to see them at Toad's sophomore year, but in any case, Yale, Yale, Yale!

I'm turnin' the doorknob,


Friday, August 21, 2009


Wrapping up summer with a bang.

Today ends my vegan experience; first thing on the agenda: cookies.

Tomorrow: The Matches in their penultimate show (likely) ever.

As for the piece at left, I am almost finished drawing up a sweet thingy for some neat people.

And we're already at work on various official Yale things--I'm even getting Yale event spam already, which in fact rocks. Even clearing out my old emails is exciting, like a time capsule with all kinds of neat memories in it. Some good, some bad, all great.

Speaking of official Yale art, I was discussing opening year plans with my Sick Little Suicide editor, and while I liked this idea, which came about in record time after this story went up, the piece is likely scrapped, unfortunately.

Anyway, can't wait to get back to Yale!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a retrospective on my second art-posting year.

So here is a listing of my favorite pieces of the academic year, listed by category, accompanied with photos from this year's studio, or "dorm," as it were.

And here we go...

Sketches Favorite: HarvardGirl

Moleskine Favorite: Hiroyuki

Fan Art Favorite: MomoAGoGo

Rock Favorite: SpaceBattle

Retrato Favorite: TheThoseGuys

Fun Favorite: BigKappa

Color Favorite: DanesCooks

Unpublished Overall Favorite: TheThoseGuys

Record Favorite: Death

Quarters Crisis Favorite: Acolyte

Penny Dreadful Favorite: West

note to self Favorite: concentration

Monsta Crash Favorite: PocketMonsta

Misc. Work Favorite: Bulldog

Sick Little Suicide Favorite: Kuro

Zero Like Me Favorite: MinorityReport

Published Overall Favorite: Kuro

Favorite Comment: Comment #1

Favorite Post: TheThoseGuys

...and that'll do it for this year's 100th post. In one week I'll finally be back home at Yale!

Woah, woah, are you out there?


Monday, August 17, 2009


To celebrate turning in my Record art for the summer, here is the making of the Death piece I did for the Record last year.

Speaking of which, tonight was my first time driving in a long, long time; I was terrified the whole way. I'm a fictionalist and am easily struck on flights of fancy, so I kept imagining the car behind me was one of those guys who flickers his lights brighter, and then after he gets bored, he drives up beside me in perfect sync with my speed, and as I turn to look at the car, I see the barrel of a pistol a split second before my skull splatters apart., I really hate driving.

And besides, driving around my town depresses the heck out of me, it really does.

Anyway, the following posts' art have been updated, finally: zlm.Vanilla, zlm.Taboo (renamed Taboocco), mc.MonstaCrasher as well as jack kelly's comics for that week, and finally, sls.Lullaby has also been updated slightly.

Also, my deviantART has been updated, too, which exists to display my more polished artwork plainly and with as little of my stupid lip as possible.



Friday, August 14, 2009


This is an old sketch from Japan. Also, I'm also entering a Back to School Story Contest with a story that's just plain--wait for it--bananas. So here we go:

Someone offered to store a box of my clothes and stuff over the summer at his place in Connecticut while I was back in California/Japan. This was a terribly fortunate free storage offer because I've accumulated quite some extra stuff at school after OCD'ly over-packing almost every time I fly back to Yale from California. So he covered what my residential college's free storage wouldn't and everything was going to work out perfectly when I return to school in the fall.

I arrived really early on move-in day and was ready to get all unpacked and have tons of free time to roam Yale and draw before school responsibilities officially started up. So I get my box from the guy, bring it up to my room, and unpack only to discover a box full of orangey-green fuzz. I don't know where he stored my stuff over the summer, but wherever it was, it leaked mold right into my stuff.

So rather having a relaxing move-in day, I spent the rest of the day walking between my third floor room, the basement laundry room, and the Walgreen's down the street--to buy bottles of disinfectant and laundry supplies--as well as filling the time with hardcore scrubbing and cleaning and hoping the laundry machines would actually do their jobs for once. I salvaged most of the stuff, but my pillow and blanket now have these weird black spots all over them that refuse to wash out, and my heavy winter jacket reeks whenever it isn't in subzero winteriness.

So...sincere thanks for the storage assistance, but it did end up ruining some of my stuff, and killing my super relaxing move-in day plans.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For practice, I tried coloring this piece using only brush strokes, and for more practice today, I tried adding smudges.

Fun Facts: On a break from comicsing, I sketched from this clip of Yale dropout Claire Danes, whose stage debut (Pygmalion) I saw at Culture Draw '07.

Baa: So far I've won a ticket for Culture Draw every year and even saw an extra play last year! Pretty amazing. Who loves ya, JE?

Say, you know who played the Doolittle dad in Pygmalion?

The announcer from Angels in the Outfield, Ranch Wilder!

Excellent performance, too.

I vaguely remember seeing the movie when I was really little (actually, I was fatter), but I found the play kinda depressing.

Go back to Cincinatti,


Monday, August 10, 2009


Where have you beeeeen, my darling?

Did you want to get the old gang back together?

For one last romp?

I don't know.

I just don't know.


Friday, August 7, 2009


Working on there isn't a lot of time to put up a proper Friday post beyond sketches.

First up is a girl that I feel looks better without eyes.

I remember drawing this at a party in Japan and a Japanese guy came over and told me he really liked it. And then he asked if it was a boy or a girl. Haha!

So stemming from that, at right was kind of a study in androgyny.

I look up to Japanese artists, so it feels extra special to have impressed "real" Japanese people, like that party guy, and the director who came to visit class later, cuz they probably see great artwork every day. A Chinese guy auditing the class even liked my art!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I booked a deal--I made this logo for my former EIC's new publishing company, Blind Pig Media Group.

Who's gettin' money?

This guy.



Monday, August 3, 2009


This is probably my most productive summer; I just made a list of the projects I've got underway and I got that sick feeling like I'm back in school, getting pulled every direction at the same time.

But anyway, here is a double shot preview of upcoming Record art.

What is the Record?

It ain't this.

As for this one, it's probably going to go through a bunch of changes from this concept sketch, which is kind of appropriate.

Cuz one thing is for sure...

...there's more to this one than meets the eye projectories.