Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Studying the neighborhood one rainy day, and it occurred to me I could make a simple little GIF, so I can enjoy a rainy day whenever. Love the rain.

I originally drew it as it was in the photo, the aftermath of a nice, gentle rain, but no actual rainfall. I guess the GIF idea came from some music I've had on in the background lately, like this rain mix.

Here's frame 5 from the GIF, and while it was fun drawing the splashes and umbrella drops, I'll always consider the rainless version the actual piece.

I'm doing these color studies in the hopes I unlock some greater truth.

I drew this all on one layer with the SAUB, of course, but maybe it's time to try a little bit more variety. I did allow for some nominal blur on the umbrella, though.

The strategy was to block in shapes first then refine, rather than try to draw the photo right off the bat.

After blocking in the rough shapes, I thought it'd then be easier to add in details, and that seemed to work.

Not normal,



Lana Slaybell said...

OH MY GOD *O* <3

Reuxben said...

I realized I'm doing fan art for weather and I'm ok with that.