Monday, March 20, 2017


Just a weird night...started with a surprise visit from a bunch of the landlady's kids accompanying her on her scheduled visit. They were clamoring for more presents (he still carries my sketch card around!), so I invited them to choose from among my Inktober drawings for a little souvenir (only had my newer sketchbook on hand, so only the latter Inktobers were available, unfortunately). They all flipped out!

I also thought it'd be nice to let the little girl of the group get two, since she was just so wistfully looking at our little angel, after earlier getting to scoop that old Pikachu when I first thought to give away some sketches. The party looted cat lady Chandra, Silvos, Squee, and even (super excitedly) Tibor and Lumia!

I felt so, so sad when they left, though. I usually feel good when I give art away, and I did feel good, but there was some overwhelming weight suffocating it. I was numb the whole day, vaguely wanting to throw up as the hours dragged by, but everything gave way to a distinct sadness at the moment they left. I just stared at the wall for a few minutes. Didn't cry. So there's that.

I haven't slept yet (since Sunday)...hopefully we can time walk the flight. Just want to sleep and cry, in whatever order.

Not normal,


Friday, March 17, 2017


A tribute to the one and only Tokyo Werewolf, who was there from beginning to end.

Most of my stuff (including rulers!) is miles away at this point, if not further, but so it goes. Kept my inking kit handy though.

The trick is not to think about it too much. But if it were easy, it wouldn't be much of a trick, huh?

Not normal,


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I saw this old WIP sketch and thought I'd finish it since we've been having some rain lately. Love the rain. I started it because I wanted to draw Z in a rainy Yale like with Nyao, but ended up just drawing a snowy study.

Anyway, this is a much quicker line drawing. I've been a bit preoccupied lately, so it's hard to focus on anything too major for at least this week...

Not normal,


Monday, March 13, 2017


Feeling down. It just came over me abruptly and dragged everything down. It's not quite a sense of loss, but just a sense of powerlessness. I hate powerlessness. Just want to sleep. Maybe it's the lack of sleep.

At least it's nice and cloudy, even rainy lately. Love the rain.

Not normal,


Friday, March 10, 2017


Short on time lately, particularly since I wanted to go play Magic for the first time in seemingly forever for a change, so thought I'd digitally ink, then color an old Didi piece.

But for this one, I wanted to color as fast as I could, so I tried flatting then stickering the colors, intensely saturating that sticker, and then masking out non-highlighted areas.

In this way, my chosen colors, which were preemptively darker than local, would contrast with the "highlights," which would serve as lighting for the piece.

This is what just the highlighted areas looked like, so this layer atop the flats is what gave the colors definition.

I tried using a smoother brush for the inks, rather than my usual, chunkier Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush, and I have to say the crispness this smooth brush gives is quite pleasant in its own way.

The background was a photo from a roadtrip, I believe, back in the old country. The old country...

Not normal,


Wednesday, March 8, 2017


An old study of Lady Liberty using Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush.

Not normal,


Monday, March 6, 2017


Missed the last bus home, so I had to spend the night at a Sukiya, which is like, McDonald's : Burgers in US :: Sukiya : curry and rice in Japan. But I like Sukiyas. They're open 24 hours, and you can usually find them near enough to train stations, so I like to camp out there if I ever need somewhere to crash, like in the old days during Pre-Release weekends, or that time I helped host Rob Alexander.

Usually you just buy anything and you're able to hang out as long as you like, so I'd even spend days sketching in there after my old day job rather than have to go all the way back home. So plenty of nostalgia already of old snowy days in the warm company of cheese curry, which is the only way I can handle the spicy stuff (hate spicy food, but what else are you gonna order there? Besides the ice cream/pudding).

I even have a phantom nostalgia, it's kind of a family place, so the ad posters on the wall and the kids' section of the menu have all these happy families, so I imagine what it must be like to be a kid in Japan who gets to go to this place, so excited, with the whole family to chow down on this wacky, wonderful food. They even plant a little flag in your rice if you're a kid! I imagine myself as the dad and as the kid in the ads. As a dad, I would especially love to take my kids to this place as a surprise, just as we have fond memories of being pulled from school early on our birthday to get treated to McDonald's or Burger King, just me and the kid. As a kid, how great must it be on any occasion to come to this bright, exotic place, where the food seems endless and you get ride in the car and head into the big city to hang out with the fam. The pudding spoon even looks like Snoopy sometimes.

Anyway, this particular Sukiya I stayed at didn't let me sleep, though, so I was really loopy while drawing this. I noticed the napkins had a really ruff texture to them, so I tried smearing my pencil shades and got this neat blurry effect. Finally made it to 5am so I could head back to the station to catch the bus home.

Not normal,


Friday, March 3, 2017


Just got an urge to draw a traditional sketch after seeing one of those 100 yen pocket sketchbooks at Family Mart...I even added a new, gorgeous B99 Copic to the cheemu.

Not normal,


Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Ah, just thinking about Yale lately, so I wanted to do a study of my old homeland, with a little Zero snuck in there for better or for worse.

The animation was an afterthought, inspired by my rain tribute (love the rain), though ironically it's actually raining right now and Tokyo snow is probably done till next winter.

This is also a companion to the Nyao at snowrainy Yale number. And this spot would actually be right in the back corner of where Nyao's head is, and facing left along the path heading into Branford from Saybrook.

The concept started as an intense close up of "Zero being a coward," but after glancing at an old photo, I just got this deep, arresting longing for Yale and thought to focus on that and downplay Z. Thus a coward in snow becomes a "snoward."

It's always comforting diminishing Z...I'd always be mean to him just to make myself feel better, or at least, acknowledge that it could be worse.

I dunno...I just felt so bitterly sad today, just wanted to stay in bed and, well, cry or sleep or both...But I forced myself to get up and do some studies and then draw this. I'm glad I did it, but I know I'm just running away from things. I use art like some alcoholics use booze, I imagine.

Not normal,