Friday, August 19, 2016


This started as a pocket sketch from my live-ink run, which I knew I wanted to color it at some point, and this is that point.

Here's where I might have stopped and been satisfied before, no particular bells and whistles. The room is based on my current place, though the wall scroll's text has mysteriously become lyrics from a Perfume song.

Before I reached that phase, I might have stopped here a few years ago.

By the way, though a bit indirect, the shirt is inspired by one of my all-time favorite Gorillaz songs, Qué Pasa Contigo. The text is a blend of the Spanish "quieres," and the Japanese "ね," plus a stylized capital R to make it a littler harder to read. But "Quieresね?" might mean something like, "You want this, right?" in regards to the food (or her company). I do like ね for its softening effect, actually; I hate sounding rude in Japanese...or any language, for that matter.

These are the flats, which I rarely ever stop at, but are always a hoot to check oot.

The bilingual phrase is a play on how both Spanish and JP, unlike English, regularly function quite truncated in text form, with a lot of implied meaning--what you would likely need body language to help convey in English if writing at the same length. For instance, I could say "want?" in English and mean the same thing with a gentle jab towards the remaining food in front of you that you may or may not want to finish off, but it would be really hard to get that across if I just wrote it versus spoke and gestured or looked at the listener so they understand the implied "do you want this?" Japanese just cuts off most pronouns, as it's generally understood who's talking to who and about what, and Spanish, as much as I am reluctant to embrace my ancestral tongue, does a neat function of imbuing verbs with pronouns off the bat.

These are the lines, modified, though, but we'll get to that in a second. I don't recall if that was supposed to be her tongue or something like tonkatsu, but just went with tongue for a hopefully more playful effect.

First, here are the nightmarish colors without lines. I colored this using almost exclusively Loish's Oil Pastel Brush, which kinda resembles KNKL's Chalk Brush, but a little, I dunno, "thicker?"

Now this goofy girl is the actual inks from the sketchbook, every bit live-inked.

This is even a little GIF I made. Also, no particular reason why this has sushi in the name, I imagine they're eating katsu curry or similar. Well, maybe new years' sushilings...


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