Friday, August 26, 2016


A new Magic T shirt design featuring a jostled salt shaker flipping a table of colorful rectangles, decrying a foul twist of luck.

I sketched this for a pitch from long ago and knew I would ink it digitally, but it's still just easier roughing things out traditionally.

This was the pencil sketch I pitched. I loved the flow of it. The idea was to embody a salty table-flipper getting as near to shrieking an F-bomb as possible, while still staying family-friendly. Fun little design challenge.

Here's a mock-up of what it might look like on Didi. I originally envisioned this over a teal-ish background, but later felt a version for each Magic color would be fair, if only just to see what that might look like. Unfortunately, Threadless doesn't have quite the colors I was thinking of, but they still have handsome options in the ballpark of each color.

I would want a black shirt, of course, so that's the one I'll shop around, but the darker Temur colors look great, too. One downside is that I had to tweak the line colors a little for the pure black shirt, though, which wasn't ideal, so I settled on the riddled black "heather" color above for the actual pitch color.

Just for fun, here are the concepts for the other colors, most of which look pretty good on Threadless's closest corresponding colors.

Salt for all.

Salt for me.

Salt for hypothesis.

Salt for whomever.

Salt for health.


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