Friday, October 6, 2017


MTGinktober jankily jaunts onward to Day 5, "Long," starring jank and dragon alike--that is, long-haired Sivitri Scarzam and long-necked Kokusho, the Evening Star!

That first legend is obscure, so bonus points if you could pin it down. I randomly saw it in a post on Reddit about favorite unappreciated legends or something and wanted to see if I could work such a weird looking creature into a future piece. I didn't realize the very next prompt would work so well--originally I had just wanted my old homie Koks to have a scale human like Big from last year, so I thought about her sitting on the part of him closest to camera so he could really shoot up into the sky in the background.

As I was drawing her, I realized she had some really long (and poofy) hair, so that added an extra layer of relevance to her, as I justified her based on her flavor text, which talks about how she's a noted dragon tamer. The challenge with her was to tweak her costuming so it wasn't so revealing. I turned it into a tunic of some sort with metallic portions.

For even more fun, I wanted to do something special for Kokusho's spirit objects. Rather than just blorbs of gassy light, I went with ghastlies from Pokemon! And if you look at what the closest one is looking at, he's aghast at an ink smear! What a rookie mistake!

Anyway, this piece really did a number on my hand, but still I wish I could have had more time to put more care into the scales. Nevertheless, it was fun merging influences of the classic and Iconic Masters versions of a creature I have fond memories of playing back when I first really started getting into Magic, back in Champions of Kamigawa block.

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