Monday, May 18, 2009


Page Four

This is another entry in my classwork comic for CHEM100, the first adventure of Inspector Luso.

Time to bring the science, yo.

Easter Eggs: The doctor references my my sitcom-writing professor, the hobo references a great unfinished comic.

Fun Facts: This is the first page drawn while barricaded in LC during Spring Fling...the Decemberists were on stage.

Page Five

More adventurez and mystereez.

Easter Eggs: The hobo's jacket has "professor patches" on the elbows, only they're holes, to blur wise professorship and mindless insanity.

Fun Facts: Richie's meant to look like a schoolboy with his badge worn like a school crest; Luso's supposed to be more casual and improvised.

Baa: I generally hate 80s music minus a few exceptions.


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